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Marketing DashboardSeamlessly integrate your practice data with your Monthly Marketing Plan with the new Beyond Indigo Pets Marketing Dashboard powered by Vetsource.

Put your Practice Data To Work
Beyond Indigo Pets Marketing Dashboard

Time-Saving Practice Analytics & Reports

Synced with your PMS system, our Marketing Dashboard lets you and your Beyond Indigo Pets marketing strategist access, view, and pull reports of your practice data, drill down to key metrics, and compare performance against real industry benchmarks on demand.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

The Marketing Dashboard shows your updated practice data daily, so your dedicated marketing strategist can make truly informed decisions about marketing recommendations and strategies to get you the best results.

Customized Features and Functionality Just for Beyond Indigo Pets Clients

Get exclusive features with our Marketing Dashboard that no one else has. Our custom-developed dashboard is optimized for marketing performance and rich in features, including daily report updates, species and product filters, interactive reporting, and more.

Track and Monitor Marketing Campaign Successes

With each practice change and marketing campaign, your Beyond Indigo Pets marketing strategist can track real results from your marketing initiatives and the generated revenue across your product and service offering.

We use your real data to drive your marketing initiatives—without having to manually pull reports.
Pair your Marketing Dashboard with a Marketing Plan, Custom Website Design—or both as a part of our Nose-to-Tail Bundles for even better sycnchronicity with your marketing strategies.

True Practice Data Performance Analytics.

Powered by Vetsource, daily dashboard synchronization with your PMS data yields accurate, actionable analytics to drive strategic marketing decisions.

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Easy setup and integration with your PMS system
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Analyzes up to 4 years of historical data
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Ongoing custom mapping of your product codes and descriptions
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Compare performance against real, data-driven regional industry benchmarks

Marketing Dashboard powered by Vetsource

When bundled with a Monthly Marketing Plan, the Marketing Dashboard gives your Beyond Indigo Pets marketing strategist direct access your practice performace. This enables us to collaborate with you to strategize, and identify marketing and growth opportunities—our marketing strategies based on your real data get real results!

Secure 24/7 access to your practice performance dashboard
Simple sign-up and integration with leading veterinary PMS systems
Import and analyze up to 4 years of historical data to compare year-over-year performance
Easily see key performance indicators and insights without pulling complicated reports from PMS
Identify opportunities for strategic educational and marketing campaigns to increase compliance and drive revenue
Monitor patient compliance with wellness care, vaccines, parasiticides, tests, exams, and dental procedures
Track pet ownership, active and lapsing patients, new clients, and visits
Monitor practice revenue by service category and overall
Instantly see unique versus recurring patient visit metrics
Keep tabs on your top 10 products by revenue and filter by product type
Track revenue through Vetsource home delivery
Drive your Beyond Indigo Pets marketing strategy with your practice's real data and analysis, and streamline your marketing plan execution
Track and analyze marketing performance against practice metrics to see tangible ROI
Easily spot year-over-year and monthly trends in revenue and visits growth to inform preemptive marketing strategies
Implement changes and then easily monitor to make sure you are on the right path
and more!
Beyond Indigo Pets powered by Vetsource

Why incorporate the Marketing Dashboard?

So you have more time to focus on managing your practice and providing veterinary care.

Marketing is what we do. Veterinary Analytics is what Vetsource Data & Insights does. We seamlessly integrate the two so you can do what you do best: provide quality care to your clients. With our customized Marketing Dashboard powered by Vetsource, your Beyond Indigo Pets marketing strategists will have instant access to see your practice performance data—and use that information to develop customized marketing strategies, implement campaigns and track results—without needing you to pull complicated PMS reports.