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Making Sense of COVID-19 Helping you and your community stay informed.

These are trying and turbulent days for all of us. At Beyond Indigo, we are committed to helping you maintain contact with your clients during this difficult time. Our strength as a community will go far towards getting our communities and our country through this crisis.

We are working on more resources and ways to help you communicate to your pet owners during this time.

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Tools for working at home or remotely communicating with clients

You and/or your staff may find yourselves working from home and needing software to communicate by text or video. Or maybe you need a good way to communicate remotely with your clients.

Our Tips for Telecommuting

Here are some suggestions that are easy to use and free (with some limitations). If you need help in using these tools, you can submit a ticket to our help desk We’ll have more on working from home in the next few days.

  • Web conferencing like,, or
  • One-to-one communication such as FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts.
  • Slack instant messaging to have ongoing real-time communications with clients as they have questions or situations arise.
  • Text messaging, reminders and email blasts.

Free WebinarEndurance and Recovery. What Comes Next?

Tuesday, April 14th, 1:00pm CDT

By middle of April, we will be several weeks into the COVID-19 crisis, and our world will have fundamentally changed. By this point, we are starting to adjust to the first waves of the crisis and are preparing for the long haul. Some are holding out hope that we may be returning back to work soon, while many estimates show that we'll have weeks to months of sheltering-in-place ahead of us. Either way... where do we go from here? How do we keep coping? And what should we be doing NOW to help bounce back quicker when this is all said and done? Come join our panel to receive tips to help get through this stage of the journey.

Panelists: David McCormick, Deborah Stone, Trey Cutler
Moderator: Kelly Baltzell, CEO Beyond Indigo Pets

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Past Webinars

Resources for news

Since this is a fluid environment, we recommend staying on top of various credible news sources. These are some of the sources we’re using in our updates to clients and pet owners.

WHO Mythbuster WHO COVID-19